Decorative Wall Panel

Revamp your walls with Euro Pratik

If you are looking to add modern trends to make your home decor unique from others the decorative wall panel is a beautiful escape to do so. These panels bring trendy ideas for modern interior design that gives your home a stunning visual appeal. Euro Pratik’s decorative panel collection will bring you the dynamic and lovely choices for beautiful experiments with your wall. We provide high quality and durability to ensure that our decorative wall panels will be there with you in the long run.


Allure from Euro Pratik represents a unique blend of trendy designs and warm textures to make your home more inviting. Its high gloss finish and warm hue blends make your wall look visually stunning and reflect your bold choice. Allure wall panels ensure everlasting beauty with their anti-scratch and termite-resistant surface.

Allure Wall Panel 5123
Allure Wall Panel 5128
Allure Wall Panel 5130
Allure Wall Panel 5224


When it comes to recent trends, 3D textured decorative wall panels are a hot topic. Decolite series from Euro Pratik represents unique and best designs in 3D textured decorative panels. It provides your walls and home décor a unique style that you won't find in any conventional design. Decolite wall panels are scratch proof and waterproof making them highly durable for busy homes. Choose from a wide range of variety of different fascinating colors and designs to give your home a look that remains in trend for years.

Decolite Wall Panel 8203
Decolite Wall Panel 8233
Decolite Wall Panel 8252
Decolite Wall Panel 8273

Decolite Spectra

Give your walls a glossy finish with the spectacular Decolite Spectra series. These decorative wall panels will make you lost in their finely finished and stunning geometric designs. With their lightweight, unique blend of vibrant colors and high durability, they are a perfect choice for modern homes.

Decolite Spectra Wall Panel 9547
Decolite Spectra Wall Panel 9549
Decolite Spectra Wall Panel 9558
Decolite Spectra Wall Panel 9567


Stellar decorative wall panels will definitely steal your heart with their beautiful designs. These premium wall panels from Euro Pratik provide you with absolutely elegant and contemporary styles for unique decor. Their vitality and blend of natural-looking colors set the perfect theme of a welcoming environment for your home. With our cutting-edge technology, we make these wall panels scratch proof and waterproof making them easy to handle and providing better durability.

Stellar Wall Panel 65005
Stellar Wall Panel 65011
Stellar Wall Panel 65107
Stellar Wall Panel 65205


Stonedge decorative wall panels add a beautiful stone look appearance to your walls. Differing from other wall panels, Euro Pratik’s Stonedge series gives you stone look wall panels with finely smooth and shiny surfaces. Their purely texture that looks like stone provides you with the ultimate feel of crystals on your wall. Being scratch proof and waterproof they are also easy to maintain and ensure long-term beauty.

Stonedge Wall Panel S20502
Stonedge Wall Panel S20510
Stonedge Wall Panel S20515
Stonedge Wall Panel S20519